Construction Management Agency

As your CM Agent, Z3 Solutions becomes your advocate during all phases of the building process. We oversee and assist you with the referendum process, architectural services selection, programming, master plan, budgets and schedules.

We make sure all responsible parties are held accountable for timely decisions and deliverables. Z3 reviews the construction documents in detail to assure their completeness, and provides systems and cost analysis of building components so you fully understand the value of the various options available. Our team establishes quality control standards, delivery methods and schedules that are best for your project, and then manages the entire bid process.

Once the project begins, we coordinate the construction phase of the project with emphasis on managing and controlling costs, enforcing the schedule to ensure your expectations are met, and monitoring quality control standards and compliance. As the project nears completion, Z3 oversees the commissioning requirements and provides training to the appropriate facility team members. Finally, project closeout de-brief is conducted, and documents are completed and turned over in an approved format.

Our process is structured to assure you that from project inception to final completion, there are no surprises.