Construction Management at Risk

As Construction Managers at Risk, Z3 Solutions provides an integrated project delivery method designed to put our client’s needs ahead of anything else. When we are engaged early in the process we are able to assist in the architectural selection process, programming, master planning, budgeting and scheduling. Cost control begins with our conceptual budget, and is considered when we establish quality control standards, safety requirements, and throughout the bid process.

During the preconstruction phase, Z3 holds all responsible parties accountable for timely decisions and deliverables. We comb through all documents making us better able to assure the architects and engineers that their documents are complete. Z3 performs systems and cost analysis of building components to help you understand the value of options presented to you by the design team. As design progresses and decisions are made, our team provides incremental budget updates to make sure quoted project cost and quality will not be compromised.

Your Z3 team coordinates the construction phase of the project with an emphasis on managing cost control, enforcing the schedule to ensure your expectations are met, while assuring all quality control standards that have been established are compliant. As the project nears completion, Z3 oversees the commissioning requirements and provides training to the appropriate facility team members. Finally, project closeout de-brief is conducted, and documents are completed and turned over in an approved format.

Our process is structured to assure you that from project inception to final completion, there are no surprises to you.