Claims Management

Why Settle for Less

When damages happen to your property, Z3 Solutions can act on your behalf by interfacing with your insurance provider. Our experienced team manages the settlement process of an insurance claim for damages to ensure you don’t settle for less than you’re due.

To maximize your settlement, we provide detailed estimates consistent with your insurance coverage to compare and challenge, if necessary, the settlement offer. We factor in current labor markets, code upgrades and public utility influences that may enhance your settlement. Insurance depreciation values are factored in to help you manage your cash flow as repairs and improvements are performed.

We understand how unexpected damages can hinder your company’s ability to function, which negatively impacts your bottom line. So, Z3 manages the settlement process for you, and once settled, performs the necessary scope of work in a timely manner. When creating the estimate and project schedule, we factor in additional constraints such as occupied spaces, hours of operation and other budgetary constraints to ensure the safety and well being for everyone affected. Our claims management will get you back up and running as soon as possible.