Best Practices

Achieving the best value for our clients requires us to focus our efforts on more than just quoting competitive pricing. We pride ourselves on utilizing experienced project professionals who fully understand our internal commitment to the highest quality work, and then selecting and pairing them with the best-qualified subcontractors and vendors who meet our standards for each project.

Our criteria includes:

  • Fully understanding the project scope
  • Identifying and understanding project specific challenges
  • Aligning technical skills and knowledge of both the office and field staff
  • Experience that matches the scope and challenges of the project
  • Meets expectations for communication amongst all team members
  • Ability to adhere to and meet the project schedules
  • Solutions-oriented with established processes
  • Value-added service driven at competitive price

Our philosophy is to take a diplomatic approach when working with contractors, sub-contractors, architects, and suppliers. Z3 advises owners on a variety of topics during all phases of the construction process, thus we identify critical issues regarding program requirements, aesthetics, and constructability, while balancing cost, quality, and schedule priorities. Our ability to manage people, anticipate problems, and provide cost effective solutions can save our clients time, money, and frustration.

Our core values and internal practices are closely aligned with our clients’ objectives, which involves minimizing project risk, collaboration throughout the construction process, lowest possible overall costs without sacrificing project quality, and exceeding expectations whenever possible.